Safety Controls Made Simple NEW GC Series Safety Controller

Compact & Expandable / EtherNet/IP™ / Modbus/TCP

Easy & Flexible Integration

Consolidate your safety setup

Connect all your safety devices to one easy to use controller.

Introducing GC-Link

皇冠体育Eliminate wiring mistakes when connecting KEYENCE safety devices.

Intuitive Software

Setup your safety controls in mere minutes

KEYENCE's innovative software enables setup in 4 simple steps.

USB/Network connection

Confirm program operation in seconds

Quickly and easily check that your program works prior to wiring any devices.

Simply click on devices to simulate turning them ON or OFF and test your safety logic.

Unparalled Monitoring

Industry's most detailed & informative display

皇冠体育Check current status, detection history, and much more right on the display.

All the Information You Need in One Display (GS Interlock Statuses, Event History Display, GL-R Beam Monitoring)

Comprehensive event history

皇冠体育Understand why your machine turned off with detailed event history & timing charts.